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Celebrating Carnival: a vibrant festival!
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Hi everyone,

Today marks the celebration of Carnival (Carnaval), a vibrant festival observed in Brazil and other parts of the world. Carnaval is a unique blend of African, indigenous, and European traditions, a testament to Brazil's rich cultural history.

  • Celebrated in the lead-up to Lent, its dates vary each year according to the Christian calendar.
  • It's famous for its elaborate parades, samba music, and colorful costumes.
  • The festival encourages expressions of joy and unity, a lesson in cultural appreciation for us all.

We invite you to participate by:

  • Learning about the history and significance of Carnaval.
  • Listening to some samba or bossa nova to get into the Carnaval spirit.
  • Engaging with colleagues in conversations about their own experiences at or with Carnaval

To commemorate Carnaval, our break rooms will feature a playlist of traditional Brazilian music for the day. We encourage you to take a moment to enjoy it!

Thank you,

People Team

Celebrating Carnival: a vibrant festival!
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Hi everyone, 🎉

Today we celebrate Carnaval, Brazil's most iconic festival and a dazzling display of color, music, and local culture. 🇧🇷💃🕺

  • Carnaval dates vary yearly, as they're based on the Christian calendar leading up to Lent. 📅
  • The festival is a mix of African, indigenous, and European elements, showcasing Brazil's rich cultural tapestry. 🎭🎶
  • Samba Schools: In Brazil, "samba schools" are not actually schools but social organizations that prepare year-round for the four-day celebration. 🎊
  • Rio's Sambadrome: One of the most iconic venues for Carnaval is the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, a specialized stadium built specifically for the annual Samba Parade. 🏟️
  • Elaborate Costumes: Months of preparation go into creating the elaborate costumes and floats. Some costumes can weigh up to 90 pounds! 🥳

Here's how you can participate:

  • Take some time to learn about Carnaval's history and significance. 📚
  • Tune in to some samba or bossa nova music to catch the Carnaval vibe. 🎵
  • Join conversations that celebrate the power of diversity and inclusion. 💬

To bring some Carnaval spirit to our workspace, we've set up a playlist of traditional Brazilian tunes in the break rooms. Feel free to enjoy! 🎶

Thank you,

People Team

Celebrating Carnival: a vibrant festival!
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Hi all,

Today's all about Carnaval, Brazil's dazzling festival packed with color, music, and culture!

Quick facts:

  • Carnaval dates change every year, based on the Christian calendar and leading up to Lent.
  • This festival brings together African, indigenous, and European influences.
  • "Samba schools" in Brazil are actually groups that prep all year for this 4-day party.
  • Rio’s Sambadrome is a specialized stadium made just for the Samba Parade.
  • The costumes are next-level; some even weigh up to 90 pounds!

We're adding a Carnaval twist at work today with a playlist of Brazilian hits in the break rooms. Enjoy!

People Team

All Employees
Recommended Send Time:
During Carnival (February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide or Pre-Lent)
Recommended Channel:
Slack/MS Teams Channel
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How to celebrate Carnaval at work

Carnaval, also known as Carnival, is a festive season that occurs before the Christian liturgical season of Lent. The main events typically occur during February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, with notable celebrations in Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and New Orleans in the United States.

Recognizing and celebrating diverse holidays like Carnaval in global teams is important as it fosters inclusivity and respect for different cultures. It also provides an opportunity for team members to learn about and appreciate the traditions and customs of their colleagues, promoting unity and understanding within the team.

To celebrate or respectfully observe Carnaval at work, teams could:

- Host a virtual party with traditional Carnaval music and dance.

- Encourage team members to share their personal Carnaval experiences or traditions.

- Organize a virtual cooking class featuring traditional Carnaval foods.

Inspiration from other companies

Want to celebrate Brazilian Carnival and other diverse holidays in a truly meaningful way at your workplace? Contact ChangeEngine today to bring the spirit of global festivity and inclusion into your office.