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BC Day: Celebrating the Spirit of British Columbia Together!
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Hi everyone,

The first Monday of August is British Columbia Day, a significant provincial holiday celebrated by our colleagues and clients based in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

British Columbia Day commemorates the pioneering spirit, rich history, and vibrant cultures of BC. It serves as a time to honor the province's stunning landscapes from its coastal shores to its mountain peaks, and the deep-rooted Indigenous cultures that have called this land home for thousands of years.

For those working closely with our BC team or clients: please note that they will be out of the office (OOO) in observance of this holiday. It's a chance for them to take a moment to cherish and celebrate the place they call home. Let's ensure we adjust our schedules and expectations to accommodate this time off, and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

Thank you for your continuous efforts in fostering understanding and collaboration across our global community.

People Team

BC Day: Celebrating the Spirit of British Columbia Together!
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Hey everyone,

The first Monday of August is British Columbia Day 🍁. It's a cherished provincial holiday for our colleagues and clients in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

British Columbia Day celebrates BC's rich history, diverse cultures, and the beautiful landscapes from coastal 🌊 to mountainous ⛰️ terrains. It's also a day to honor the Indigenous communities with deeply rooted histories in the province.

If you're collaborating with our BC-based team or clients, please note they'll be taking a day off in observance. As we adjust our schedules, your understanding and flexibility are greatly appreciated 🙌.


People Team

BC Day: Celebrating the Spirit of British Columbia Together!
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Hi all,

A quick note: the first Monday of August marks British Columbia Day, an important provincial holiday for our colleagues and clients in British Columbia, Canada.

This day highlights BC's diverse cultures, history, and remarkable landscapes, from its coastlines to mountain regions. It's also a tribute to the Indigenous communities with longstanding histories in the province.

For those collaborating with our BC contingent, be aware they'll be off in observance. We appreciate your flexibility in adjusting schedules accordingly.

People Team

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On British Columbia Day (first Monday of August)
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How to celebrate British Columbia Day at work

British Columbia Day, celebrated on the first Monday of August, is a provincial holiday dedicated to honoring the rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes of British Columbia (BC), Canada. From its coastal beauty to its towering mountain ranges, and its deep-rooted Indigenous heritage, BC Day is a tribute to the province's unique identity and contributions to Canada as a whole.

The same day is known by different names unique to their respective areas, for example, “George Hamilton Day” in Hamilton, Ontario, and “Saskatchewan Day” in the province of that name. British Columbia Day recalls explorer James Douglas’ discovery of the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, the site of the current city of Victoria, and the eventual announcement by the British that the region would become the colony called British Columbia. Similarly, other provinces focus on their particular items of culture, history, and political development.

All across Canada, the day is marked by parades, festivals, and other public gatherings, many of which are themed. As a primary example, British Columbia offers the Anime Revolution, the Vancouver Pride Parade, and the Powell Street Festival (a celebration of Asian-Canadian heritage).

In the context of global teams, recognizing holidays like British Columbia Day is crucial. Celebrating diverse holidays fosters a culture of inclusivity, respect, and understanding. It acknowledges the varied backgrounds and histories that team members bring to the table, which, in turn, strengthens mutual respect and collaboration. Recognizing and valuing these differences within a global team not only enhances interpersonal relationships but also enriches the overall team dynamic.

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Want to make sure you are acknowledging diverse holidays and days of observance with your team? Contact ChangeEngine for guidance on streamlining respectful, timely, informational, and meaningful DEIB and holiday communications.