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Happy Work Anniversary, {{first_name}}!
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Happy Work Anniversary, {{first_name}}! We are so grateful for your hard work and dedication to the company and team. You should be proud of your achievements and growth. We sure are!

Congratulations and best wishes from the whole team!

Thank you, 

People Team

Happy Work Anniversary, {{first_name}}!
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Happy Work-iversary, {{first_name}}! Time flies when you're crushing it! 🎉🫶

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate and give you a virtual high-five for all the amazing things you've brought to our goals and culture. You're a true rockstar! 👏 We're seriously impressed and super proud to have you on our team!

Congratulations on this milestone, and here's to many more years of success and good times together. Sending all our best wishes from the entire team!

Happy Work Anniversary, {{first_name}}!
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Happy Work Anniversary, {{first_name}}!  We are so grateful for hard work and dedication to our company and team. 

Congratulations and best wishes from the whole team!

People Team

All Employees
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How to recognize an employee's work anniversary

Reaching milestones like work anniversaries is exciting for employees, but only if they feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the team. Recognizing work anniversaries motivates employees and instills confidence and a sense of belonging.

When employees feel valued by leaders and their peers, they believe their work makes a difference for their organization. This boosts morale and engagement. The same effect occurs for employees who take part in these celebrations of their peers.

You want to ensure work anniversaries are recognized and celebrated consistently so team members do not feel a sense of favoritism. You also want to be sure you acknowledge employees in ways they feel comfortable. Including everyone in planning and celebration helps the team feel unified and encourages employees to look forward to their next anniversary with your company. 

A few ways you may consider recognizing a work anniversary include:

  • Post a public shout-out on Slack or a Company Newsletter to celebrate the anniversary. Highlight a few notable accomplishments and milestones achieved during their time at the company.
  • Acknowledge the employee during a team meeting.
  • Bring in special treats for a small social or for team members to enjoy in the breakroom, or go out for a celebratory team lunch, happy hour, or outing. 
  • Email a gift card or provide a small gift.
  • Have the entire team sign a card and offer personal congratulations.
  • Share the company-branded custom Happy Work Anniversary Zoom .backgrounds with team members to surprise and celebrate your team member celebrating their work anniversary!

Inspiration from other companies

Want to make sure your employees feel valued on their work anniversaries? Let ChangeEngine help you! Chat with us today.