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Victoria Day: Canada Team OOO
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Hi everyone,

We wanted to remind you all that our Canada team will be Out Of Office for Victoria Day. Please don't forget to let your clients and/or colleagues know and plan accordingly.

Enjoy your unofficial start to the summer!

Thank you,

People Team

Victoria Day: Canada Team OOO
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Hey everyone! 👋

Just a heads up that our Canada team will be Out Of Office (OOO) for Victoria Day. 🏖️

Hope you enjoy, relax, and recharge during this long weekend and unofficial start to the summer! ☀️

The Canada team will be back on Tuesday.

Thank you! 🙏

People Team 

Victoria Day: Canada Team OOO
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Hi all,

As a reminder, the Canada team will be OOO on Monday in observance of Victoria Day. Use this day to relax and recharge. If there are any tasks that require attention during the holiday, please plan accordingly. Regular operations will resume on Tuesday.

Please enjoy your day off!

People Team

All Employees
Recommended Send Time:
On Victoria Day (last Monday preceding May 25)
Recommended Channel:
Slack/MS Teams Channel
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How to celebrate Victoria Day at work

With our team members and various companies now spread across the globe, it's important to keep each other informed about diverse holidays and scheduled days off. If you have team members based in Canada, it would be helpful to send out a reminder that some team members will be out of office (OOO).

Victoria Day is celebrated annually on the last Monday before May 25, in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday. Queen Victoria, who reigned over Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada from 1837 until her death in 1901, played a pivotal role in Canada's history. Her reign was a period of significant growth and transformation, during which Canada achieved more autonomy, moving from a British colony towards becoming a self-governing nation.

While it's called by different names in some provinces, Victoria Day is universally recognized as a day to reflect on our shared history and celebrate the start of the warmer months ahead.

Inspiration from other companies

Want to start automating your company holiday reminders? Contact ChangeEngine, so we can save you hundreds of hours on setting these up!