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Celebrating the rich cultural history and traditions of Japan for Japan's Culture Day!
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Hi everyone, 

As we continually embrace and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures across our global family, today shines a spotlight on Japan's "Culture Day" (文化の日, Bunka no Hi).

Culture Day, celebrated annually on November 3rd, is a day dedicated to culture, the arts, and academic endeavors. The significance of this day lies not only in the recognition of Japan's traditional arts and modern cultural achievements but also in promoting freedom, peace, and cultural growth, ideals enshrined in the Japanese Constitution.

Here are a few insights into this special day:

  • Order of Culture Awards: On this day, the Emperor of Japan presents the "Order of Culture" to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the arts, literature, science, and other fields of culture.
  • Cultural Festivals: Across the country, art exhibitions, parades, and ceremonies are held. It's a fantastic time to appreciate both traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms, from tea ceremonies to modern art installations.
  • Historical Roots: The date was chosen to commemorate the announcement of the post-war Japanese constitution in 1946, which underscores fundamental human rights and pacifism.

Please note, our offices based in Japan will be closed in observance of this holiday.

As we reflect on Japan's Culture Day, let's also take a moment to appreciate the myriad cultures and backgrounds that make our team so unique and vibrant.

Thank you,

People Team

Celebrating the rich cultural history and traditions of Japan for Japan's Culture Day!
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Hey everyone, 🌍

It's Japan's "Culture Day" (文化の日, Bunka no Hi)! Every year on November 3rd, Japan takes a moment to shine a light on its rich arts, academic pursuits, and the beauty of its traditions.

Why is Culture Day so special? 🤔

  • 🥇 Order of Culture Awards: A big shoutout goes to those who've achieved big in arts, literature, science, and more. They get the "Order of Culture" from the Emperor of Japan himself! Hayao Miyazaki, a renowned director and filmmaker of Studio Ghibli, received this prestigious award in 2012
  • 🎉 Festive Vibes: From mesmerizing art exhibitions to vibrant parades, Japan is buzzing with festivities. Imagine sipping tea in a traditional ceremony or getting lost in a modern art piece!
  • 📚 Deep Dive into History: This day marks the announcement of the post-war Japanese constitution back in 1946. It’s all about human rights and peace.

A quick heads-up: our Japan-based offices will be taking a day off to immerse in these celebrations.

As we celebrate Japan’s Culture Day, let’s also share and enjoy stories from our diverse backgrounds. Ever tried sushi or worn a kimono? Share your Japanese cultural experiences with us! 🍣👘


People Team 

Celebrating the rich cultural history and traditions of Japan for Japan's Culture Day!
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Hi all,

Today, we celebrate Bunka no Hi, also known as Culture Day, observed annually on November 3rd. 

• Bunka no Hi was first celebrated in 1948 to honor the Japanese constitution's promulgation.

• It's a day to celebrate peace, freedom, and culture.

• Festivals, parades, and award ceremonies for achievements in arts and culture are common.

Please note, our colleagues in Japan, where this holiday is primarily observed, will be out of office today. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the diverse cultures that make up our global team. 

People Team

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On Culture Day (November 3rd)
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Japan's Culture Day is coming up!
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Hi everyone,

Japan's Culture Day (Bunka no Hi) is coming up in about a week! 

Please note that our offices located in Japan will be closed in observance. We kindly ask that you plan your work schedules and communications accordingly to accommodate this holiday closure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you,

People Team

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How to celebrate Japan's Culture Day at work

Culture Day, or Bunka no Hi, is a national holiday in Japan celebrated annually on November 3rd. This day is dedicated to promoting culture, the arts, and academic endeavor.

Recognizing and celebrating diverse holidays like Culture Day in global teams fosters inclusivity and respect for different cultures. It also provides an opportunity for team members to learn about and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of their colleagues.

Ideas for celebrating Culture Day at work:

- Organize a Japanese art exhibition or film screening.

- Host a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or potluck.

- Arrange a workshop on Japanese calligraphy or origami.

Inspiration from other companies

Ready to celebrate diversity and honor global observances like Culture Day (Bunka no Hi)? Contact ChangeEngine today and let's create a more inclusive and respectful environment together!