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Join Us: All-Hands Meeting on [Date]
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Hi everyone,

Please mark your calendars for our All-Hands Meeting on [Date] at [Time]. Your attendance is key as we'll discuss company updates, department highlights, and have a Q&A session.


  • When: [Date], [Time]
  • Where: [Location/Platform]
  • RSVP: By [RSVP Date] via [RSVP method/link]

If you have questions for the Q&A, please submit them beforehand to [relevant email/contact]. Can't join live? We'll share a recording afterward.

Thank you for your commitment to {{company_name}}. Let's come together and shape our path forward!

Best regards,

People Team

Join Us: All-Hands Meeting on [Date]
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Hey everyone,

🚀 Exciting news! Our All-Hands Meeting is set for [Date] at [Time]. Let's come together to discuss our journey, celebrate wins, and chat about what's next.

Quick Details:

  • 📌 When: [Date], [Time]
  • 📍 Where: [Location/Platform]
  • ✅ RSVP: By [RSVP Date] at [RSVP method/link]

Got questions? 🤔 Send them our way at [relevant email/contact]. Can't make it? No worries! 🎥 A recording will be shared for all.

Thanks for being the heartbeat of [Company Name]. Let’s unite and energize our future! 🔥


People Team

Join Us: All-Hands Meeting on [Date]
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Hi all,

Our All-Hands Meeting is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. Attendance is expected as we'll cover important company and department updates, as well as host a Q&A session. Please make sure to join!


  • Date: [Date], [Time]
  • Location: [Location/Platform]
  • RSVP: Confirm your attendance by [RSVP Date] via [RSVP method/link]

Submit any questions in advance to [relevant email/contact]. If you're unable to attend, a recording will be provided.

People Team

All Employees
Recommended Send Time:
7 days after promotion to manager
Recommended Channel:
Slack/MS Teams Channel
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Preparing for an All Hands meeting

Boosting team morale takes work.

Within large companies and remote or hybrid offices, it can be especially hard to unify cross-departmental teams, leadership, and stakeholders – and experience the company cohesiveness that drives morale.

One solution is to hold an all-hands meeting. But, how can yet another meeting boost team morale?

  • All Hands meetings bring every team member across various departments together to unify goals, grow familiar, and share achievements and challenges
  • These company-wide meetings help departments understand the function and contributions of other teams
  • Company All Hands meetings help employees feel more unified and provide transparency throughout the entire organization
  • A typical All Hands agenda walks through the wins, challenges, and goals of each department, allowing team members between departments to celebrate, offer suggestions, and plan together
  • Having each department prepare a quick slide to share for wins, challenges, and goals and having a team lead or rotating team members share during a video conference meeting works best for large companies. Small companies may want to meet up in the conference room for snacks while they present.
  • Consider adding themes to slides, sharing fun jokes, or incorporating shout-outs so team members can publically recognize each other to keep it engaging.
  • Keep in mind, there is not necessarily a metric to measure the success of an All Hands meeting. They create accountability and unity. Seeing employees engaged, connecting, and having fun is a clear win.

Let’s dive in.

Inspiration from other companies

Want to make your next All Hands meeting a success? Contact ChangeEngine for expert advice!