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February is Black History Month
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Hi everyone, 

Today is the first day of Black History Month. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be hosting various events to:

  • Celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Americans over the course of U.S. history.
  • Raise awareness of discrimination and racism both in and out of the workplace and ways we can help combat discrimination and racism 
  • Stories shared by employees and ERGs on their experiences and/or experiences of those in our community 

Search the #BlackHistoryMonth channel in Slack to view the timeline of events that we are hosting over the next month and please feel free to share your stories, articles, documentaries, books, films, and events  this month.

Lastly, while we are emphasizing the celebration of Black History Month during the month of February, we want you to know that we will continue to celebrate diversity in the workplace year-round. We are so proud of our workforce and will continue to work even harder to create a more inclusive environment for you and our team!

Thank you, 

People Team

February is Black History Month
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Hey, everyone!

Guess what? It's officially Black History Month!

We're beyond excited to honor and shine a bright spotlight on the incredible contributions and achievements of Black Americans. 🌟 But that's not all - we're also committed to learning, growing, and fighting against discrimination and racism, both inside and outside our awesome workplace.

So, buckle up and get ready for a jam-packed schedule of amazing events! We've got celebrations that'll make you want to dance, activities to raise awareness, educational sessions to expand your knowledge, and even opportunities to give back and make a positive impact. 💡💗💸

Make sure to hit up the #BlackHistoryMonth channel in Slack for all the details. We've got an epic lineup of events that you won't want to miss. And hey, we want to hear from YOU too! Share your own stories, articles, documentaries, books, films, or any awesome events that you come across throughout the month. Let's make this a collective celebration of greatness! 🙌

Remember, celebrating diversity isn't just a one-month thing for us. It's a year-round commitment. Together, we can keep learning, growing, and creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Thank you for being part of this journey! 🙏

February is Black History Month
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Hi all,

Today marks the start of Black History Month. As we work to celebrate and rejoice for the tremendous achievements of Black Americans, we will also commit to learning from our past and raising awareness to combat discrimination and racism inside and outside of the workplace. Please stay tuned for upcoming events and ways to get involved.

Diversity in the workplace is a year-round project that requires your engagement. As we continue to learn and grow, your ideas and feedback are invaluable.

People Team

All Employees
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Start of Black History Month (February)
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How to commemorate Black History Month in the workplace

Black History Month was first celebrated in 1915. Its founder was Carter G. Woodson who wanted to begin to celebrate the achievements, contributions, and heritage of Black Americans. 

Recognition and awareness are outrageously important in and out of the workplace. As we continue to navigate how to make the workplace a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment, we must continue to recognize and learn about the history of racial inequality and fight to eradicate racism in and out of the workplace. Celebrating Black History Month during the month of February each year is an opportunity for organizations to come together to learn. 

We understand that navigating the best way to approach the topic with employees can be difficult for you and your managers, which is why we are here to help. 

It's important to celebrate and observe Black History Month inclusively and thoughtfully. To begin, we suggest that the team reach out to ERGs (employee resource groups) for their feedback and thoughts on how they would like to celebrate the month. 

It is essential that the organization celebrate both internally and externally and that you begin planning early. Do not throw something together last minute. 

Ideas to help you get started are: 

  • Survey your employees and ERGs
  • Ask for ideas on how employees would like to be involved 
  • Partner with DEIB experts and host events throughout the month 
  • Partner with Black Owned Businesses in the community to support the local community and uplift voices
  • Choose to make an impact at organizations that support the Black Community 
  • Provide a platform for employees who would like to share stories and/or lead events

If you have DEIB partners that you can consult with to create a thoughtful plan, we encourage you to collaborate with them!

Inspiration from other companies

Want to make your Black History Month celebration more impactful? Contact ChangeEngine for expert guidance!