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Join us in Celebrating Global Talent Acquisition Day!
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Hi everyone, 

We are pleased to announce the upcoming celebration of Global Talent Acquisition Day on Wednesday, September [DATE].

We extend our sincerest commendations to our recruiters, hiring managers, and the entire HR team. The work you carry out is paramount to our organization's success and expansion, and for that, we express our deepest gratitude.

We would like to specifically recognize one individual whose consistent efforts surpass expectations. {{first_name}}, your unwavering dedication, proficiency, and commitment to procuring the most exceptional talent for our organization have made a significant impact. We are immensely grateful for your contribution and are privileged to count you as part of our team.

Furthermore, we would like to remind everyone of our employee referral program. We encourage each of you to participate, leveraging your network to refer individuals you believe would significantly contribute to our organization.

We thank you once again for your commitment to excellence and your unyielding dedication.

Thank you,

People Team

Join us in Celebrating Global Talent Acquisition Day!
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Hi everyone, 👋

Guess what? Global Talent Acquisition Day is coming up on Wednesday, September [DATE], and we couldn't be more stoked!

Big high fives to our recruiters, hiring managers, and everyone on the HR team. Seriously, you rock! Your tireless work is key to our growth and success, and we can't thank you enough. 🙏

Speaking of thanks, there's one superstar among us who definitely deserves a shout-out. {{first_name}}, you're a total rockstar! Your commitment, talent-spotting skills, and relentless pursuit of the best and brightest for our team are making waves. We're super thankful to have you with us. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for helping our team grow! 🌱👏

While we're on the topic of talent, don't forget about our employee referral program. Got a talented buddy? Know a super-smart cousin? Bring 'em on! Your recommendations are always appreciated.

Thank you,

People Team

Join us in Celebrating Global Talent Acquisition Day!
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Hi all, 

We are excited to celebrate Global Talent Acquisition Day Wednesday, September [DATE]. 

We applaud our recruiters, hiring managers, and HR team. Your work is vital to our success and growth. We appreciate you.

We would also like to recognize one exceptional individual who consistently goes above and beyond.

{{first_name}}, your dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to finding the best talent for our organization has made a significant impact, and we are grateful to have you as part of our team. Thank you for your outstanding contributions!

In addition, we want to remind everyone about our employee referral program. We encourage you to participate and refer any talented individuals within your network who may be a great fit for our company. 

Once again, thank you for your dedication and commitment to excellence!

People Team

All Employees
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On Global Talent Acquisition Day (first Wednesday of September)
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Slack/MS Teams Channel
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How to celebrate Global Talent Acquisition Day at work

Every year on the first Wednesday in September, employers worldwide celebrate Global Talent Acquisition Day. This international holiday was established in 2018 by K.R.T. Marketing, a renowned talent acquisition agency serving companies globally. Global Talent Acquisition Day acknowledges the vital role talent acquisition professionals play in shaping the workforce of organizations. 

These dedicated individuals are responsible for identifying, attracting, and recruiting the best-suited talent to drive organizational growth and success. They contribute to building diverse and inclusive teams, fostering innovation, and ensuring the right skills and expertise are aligned with business objectives. By recognizing their efforts, team leaders can enhance employee engagement, retention, and overall business performance.

Tips for Observing Global Talent Acquisition Day in the Workplace:

  1. Express Gratitude: Take the time to appreciate and recognize the efforts of your talent acquisition team. Organize a team meeting or special event to express gratitude for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to bringing in top talent. Personalized gestures, such as handwritten notes, gift cards, or small gifts, can go a long way in showing appreciation.
  2. Share Success Stories: Highlight success stories and achievements of the talent acquisition team. Showcase the impact they have made on the organization by bringing in exceptional talent. Share these stories through internal communications, company newsletters, or social media platforms to celebrate their contributions.
  3. Learning and Development Opportunities: Invest in the professional development of your talent acquisition team. Provide them with opportunities to attend industry conferences, training sessions, or workshops to enhance their skills and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in talent acquisition.
  4. Facilitate Improved Collaboration: Foster collaboration between the talent acquisition team and other departments. Encourage collaboration through cross-functional projects, knowledge-sharing sessions, or team-building activities. This strengthens relationships, improves communication, and creates a shared sense of purpose within the organization.
  5. Employee Referral Programs: Encourage team members to support talent acquisition and actively participate by implementing employee referral programs. Recognize and reward employees who refer exceptional candidates who are subsequently hired. This not only creates a sense of ownership and engagement among employees but also helps attract top talent.

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